Need method for isolating pure T from Human PBLs

G R Barclay 100066.300 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Apr 18 18:52:44 EST 1995

>>Actually, You would pull down all of the T-cells through the 
adhesivity of Niaminadase ("neuraminidase") treated SRBC, Then 
how would you remove the SRBC from the all important T-cells? 
Even if you could remove the SRBC, I would think that the surface 
markers for the T-cells would be altered or damaged and would 
affect the cells adversely. The only true method which would work 
with lower efficiency would be Dynal CD marker beads(positve 
selection) or glass-wool columns. Both of these methods would be 
best when considering selectivity and cell viability.
Good luck!
Jon Stacks<<

Any surface marker adherence technique, _even Dynal_, may affect 
function.  Glass wool columns may remove phagocytes, but leave 
both T & B (I suppose you could then remove B with anti-Ig 
techniues).  The SRBC rosette method was used back in the 70's - 
you got rid of the SRBC by vigorous mixing, and hypotonic lysis, 
if needed. Neuraminidase not necessary.


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