HLA Databases on line?

Paul J Travers p_travers at icrf.icnet.uk
Thu Apr 20 06:56:58 EST 1995

I have a web page with a graphical  interface to the protein sequences of
HLA class I and class II alleles - these are displayed first as an
alignment and clicking on the allele name takes you to the full protein
sequence, to a reference or, in the case of the class II alleles,
eventually to the nucleotide sequences.  This was part of a larger
database of information on the MHC which vanished when the host computer
was stolen but which will, one day, return.
The URL is 
   "http://histo.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/" for the home page, or
   "http://histo.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/WWWFiles/sequences/sequence_map.html" for
the graphical interface page directly.

               Paul Travers

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