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>Has anyone had any luck patch clamping PMNs?  I am new to the this field.
>My PMNs keep degranulating.  Is there any way to prevent or delay

Platelets, mast cells and eosinophils can survive several days on a 
feeder layer of fibroblasts. I guess the same is true for PMNs.

Several years ago, Mike B. Blennerhassett at McMasters was using patch clamp
to study mast cell-nerve interaction with John Bienenstock and he had the
same problem with spontaneous mast cell degranulation. The problem was solved
when I gave him a few coltures of rat fibroblasts. Any fibroblast line should
do, except those from mice with Steel mutation (J Cell Physiol 1991, 147:224).

I was there in 1986 - you may try a Medline search after that period, maybe
from 1988.


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