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Sun Apr 23 22:40:33 EST 1995

rshelby at (Richard A. Shelby) wrote:
> Question:
> 1) are monoclonals more difficult to label (enzymes, HRP, Phosphatase, 
> etc.) than polyclonals ?
> 2) If so why ?
> 3) Any hints on how to improve monoclonal labeling without loss of activity.
> Thanks in advance. Please reply by mail:  rshelby at
> Richard Shelby
> Research Fellow
> Auburn University
> Plant Pathology

Dear Richard:

Monoclonals in general are more delicate to handle than polyclonals.
The fact that in MAb all the molecules are identical explains this.
If a condition is used that is in detriment of the antibody activity,
all molecules of antibody will be equally affected and the preparation 
will be as dead as Ramses II.

It is recommended that the conditions be as gentle as possible, so that
drastic procedures such as glutaraldehyde treatment be avoided.

Unfortunately each monoclonal is different. Therefore, you have to
try each procedure until you find the one yielding the best product.



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