Numbers of TCR gene segments

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The estimate of 25V regions in the beta locus is not correct.  There are 
at least 63 V-gene segments that are actually expressed (Wei et al, 
Immunogenetics 40:27 (1994)).  There are 13 functional J segments (and 
one pseudo J).  There may be more.  The entire TCRbeta locus has been 
sequenced (accession number L36092) and there are a number of gene 
segments in the germline that have not been isolated from cDNA.  All of 
these figures refer to the human, but the mouse is similar.

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> > Does anyone have current estimates of the numbers of TCR gene segments
> > (alpha beta gamma and delta) in either human or mouse?  Or suggestions of
> > where to look or whom to ask for the answer?
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> Last time I looked, there were (in mouse) an estimated 70-100 V gene
> regions for TCR-alpha (also used in delta) and fifty J-alpha segments. 
> Only one C-alpha.  Beta has two C's, two D's, two clusters of six J's
> each, and about 25 V's.  Delta has one C, two J's, and two D's.  I'm less
> clear on gamma, but I believe that it has three (?) C's, about the same
> number of J's, and half a dozen V's.

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