HLA Databases online?

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Mon Apr 24 17:53:03 EST 1995

Dr. Koelle writes:

>I am looking for an on line source for 1) the information in the article
>"Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, 1994" by Bodmer et. al.
>Tissue Antigens 44:1-18.  As you know this comes out every 1-2 years.  2)
>A database with HLA nucleotide sequences, similar to that published by
>Marsh and Bodmer Immunogenetics 37: 79-94, and 3) a list of B-LCL typed at
>the serologic or preferably DNA level for
>HLA, together, optimally, with literature references.  Could anyone point
>me to such databases?

David Koelle MD  viralimm at u.washington.edu

Dr. Koelle,

    Hi.  I might be able to help you with numbers 1 and 2.  The database I
work at, Chemical Abstracts Service, has the "Tissue Antigens" article by
Bodmer online (bibliographic info., abstract, and indexing).  We also have
several hundred HLA protein and nucleic acid sequences available online
(mixture of gene, cDNA, protein, etc.) along with the corresponding journal
or patent abstracts.  Hope this helps!

						  Roger Granet
						  Assoc. Scientific
						  Information Analyst
						  Chemical Abstracts Service
						  rgranet at cas.org

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