ELISA analysis: multiple Ab/Ag

G R Barclay 100066.300 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Apr 25 07:42:38 EST 1995

I have developed some software, orginally for epitope mapping 
using ELISA data, which can provide a means of segregating 
similar "entities" into clusters.
It seems to work in any situation where a number of subjects 
(e.g. antibodies) are tested against a panel of "objects" (e.g. 
antigens), and can segregate both subjects and objects: the 
resolution of subjects depends on the number/scope/specificity of 
objects; the resolution of objects depends on the 
number/scope/specificity of subjects.  It will provide a map of 
the segregated entities.  

At present it is PC based and works on DBase files set up with 
the first field as the subject identity and the remaining fields 
as the object results, and each record is a different subject.  I 
can cope with comma-delimited text files also.  

If you are interested in running some data through this, or in 
helping develop the software to a more user-friendly state, 
please e-mail me at 100066.300 at compuserve.com

Robin Barclay
Edinburgh, Scotland

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