Deglycosylating IgG

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Wed Apr 26 10:28:43 EST 1995

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> What I have done is to simply make Fab or Fab2 fragments
> using the Pierce kits - since the carbs are on the Fc part
> - pronto you have deglycosylated IgG.

The problem is that for every IgG molecule there are approx. 2.8
oligosaccharides (2 on each Fc chain and 0.8 on the Fabs) Thus 
removing the Fc gets rid of that part of the IgG that binds
Fc receptors yet doesn't remove all the N-linked oligosaccharides.
The partial glycosylation of the Fab is due to absence or presence
of N-X-T/S sites in the hypervariable regions.

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