Inquiry of PhD. Programs in Immunology

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>Subject: Inquiry of PhD. Programs in Immunology
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 21:19:40 PST
>I am a veterinarian currently working in the area of marine shrimp research. 
> I am interested in pursuing a PhD. in Immunology with a focus in 
>crustaceans.   I don't know of any researchers in this area.  If you know of 
>any work in this area or of possible places where I could pursue such 
>interests please let me know.  I can be reached at wilda at   Work on 
>insects may be applicable.  Any assistance you could provide would be 
>helpful. Thanks-- William Carr.
Try Dr. Kenneth Soderhall
    Department of Physiological Botany 
    University of Uppsala 
    Villavagen 6,S-751 21
    Uppsala, Sweden

see Annual Review of Fish Diseases 1992, pp 3-23 "Crustacean Immunity"


Simon R.M. Jones PhD

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