Igh enhancer sequences

Hans-Martin Jack hjaeck at luc.edu
Thu Apr 27 22:19:19 EST 1995

In article <x-210495190241 at>, x (x) says:
>Does anyone have info on sequences for the immunoglobulin heavy chain
>intronic enhancer located in the intron between Dh and Cmu? I have searched
>genbank, and could only find sequences from mouse, human, rat and rabbit.
>This locus from other organisms such as chicken must be cloned?
>Batu Erman

I suggest you do a Medline search with the following authors:

1. Craig Thompson
2. Jean-Claude Weill

If you don't find anything, mail me and I try to contact 
Jean-Claude Weill for you. You can also call Craig Thompson at the University of Chicago

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