Post-doctoral position in cellular immunology/vaccinology

Marcelo B. Sztein msztein at
Fri Apr 28 10:46:03 EST 1995

	A post-doctoral position is available immediately at the Center for 
Vaccine Development, University of Maryland at Baltimore, to study 
cell-mediated immune responses of human volunteers immunized with 
genetically engeneered vaccine strains of Salmonella typhi.   

	The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. in
Microbiology/Immunology, M.D. or equivalent degree and several years of
experience in the study of mechanisms of cell-mediated immune responses at
the molecular/cellular level.  Experience in flow cytometry and/or
molecular biology techniques is highly desirable.  Salary is negotiable. 

	The Center for Vaccine Development offers a unique environment to 
study the cellular and molecular determinants of protection to infectious 
diseases in humans.  The CVD has earned an international reputation for 
genetically engeneering and testing vaccines against cholera, typhoid and 
malaria.  Established in the mid-seventies, the CVD is the only 
university-based vaccine center engaged in the full range of vaccinology, 
from basic science, through vaccine development, clinical evaluation and 
field studies.

	For additional information or to submit an application please
contact Dr.  Marcelo B. Sztein, Chief, Cellular Immunology and Flow
Cytometry Section, CVD, at [410] 706-2345; FAX: [410] 706-6205;  E-mail: 
msztein at

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