Is HIV going airborn!!!?

Steve Konings skonings at
Fri Apr 28 10:35:58 EST 1995

Eric Schadt (eschadt at wrote:

: some friends of mine and i just saw the movie outbreak, and we
: were wondering if it would be possible for hiv and a cold or
: flu virus to recombine, form a new hybrid virus that was airborn
: and that had the same physiological effects as hiv, i.e., would
: eventually result in aids.  also, would it be possible for the
: hiv to undergo a single mutation that would result in the hiv
: becoming an airborn virus?  are there characteristics that 
: distinguish an airborn virus like the cold viruses from non-
: airborn viruses like hiv?  thanks for any info you can provide
: on this matter (good references on viruses would also be
: appreciated).

  I read an article (newspaper) about HIV and this was brought up.  SOme
molecular virologist said it was *possible* and just as possible is that it
mutates to a completely harmless form.  Makes sense to me.

Milw WI

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