Indomethacin, IL-12, monocytes

Bullfrog Jeremiah.K.OShea at
Fri Apr 28 16:27:05 EST 1995

Hi, Immunetters-

  I'm an undergraduate research assistant in a lab here at Dartmouth
Medical School.

  We're trying to assay IL-12 production by monocytes; since PGE2
inhibits IL-12 production, we'd like to inhibit PGE2 production with
indomethacin.  However, we're not exactly sure of the best
concentration of indomethacin to use, or if we could see any
physiological effects outside of PGE2 inhibition.  Medline searches
have turned up tons of articles on indomethacin, but none specifically
related to IL-12.

  Anybody have experience with this or related material?


Jake O'Shea
Class of '97                   Internet email:  bullfrog at
Dartmouth College                  

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