Is HIV going airborn!!!?

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Sun Apr 30 00:26:37 EST 1995


Apparently we are talking of science fiction here. HIV and influenza
belong to two unrelated familly of viruses which, as far as I know, would
have no chance to recombine naturally. Although HIV is extremelly harmfull
inside the body, this virus is also extremelly fragile and does not
tolerate exposure to oxygene for a long time. That is why HIV is virtually
not active in dry blood. On the other hand, HIV is produce in very low
amounts in saliva and sweat and in these fluids, HIV is also practically
inactive. Taken together, the probability to obtain a serie of mutation
leading to a new airborn HIV that would keep its infectivity, is
extremelly low.

I hope that it answers your question, if not feel free to send me an Email
to ask me some precision, I will try to find the informatiom your looking


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