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Immunology and developmental biology of the chicken
O. Vainio and B. A. Imhof

Signal transduction in the activation of mast cells and basophils
E. Razin, J. Rivera and I. Pecht

A need for standardization of the anti-endothelial-cell antibody test
P. Youinou, M. A. Khamashta, Y. Shoenfeld and P-L. Meroni


Direct antimicrobial activity of T cells
S. M. Levitz, J. W. Murphy and H. L. Mathews

Consequences for IgE / CD23-mediated antigen presentation in allergy
G. C. Mudde, C. A. F. M. Bruijnzeel-Koomen and R. Bheekha

The role of IL-12 in the induction of organ-specific autoimmune diseases
S. Trembleau, M. K. Gately, L. Adorini and T. Germann

Th1 and Th2 subsets: paradigms lost?
A. Kelso


B-cell superantigens: implications for selection of the human antibody
M. Zouali

IgY: clues to the origins of modern antibodies
G. W. Warr,  D. A. Higgins and K. E. Magor


Cellular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma
F. Spinozzi and A. Bertotto

Restricted diversity in the T-cell repertoire
N.  Petrovsky

T-cell receptor signal sequences
C. Wulfing and A. Pluckthun

Sequence similarity between beta-cell autoantigens
G. Rudy, L. V. Harrison, A.M. Lew and V. Brusic

Book Reviews

OPAL Module 3: Immune Cells
Reviewed by M. Clark

The Leucocyte Antigen FactsBook
Reviewed by R. ,Brines, L. Walsh and L. Greenberry

Pulmonary Infections and Immunity
Reviewed by L. W. Poulter

The Immune System:  theory or Metaphor.  By Alfred Tauber
Reviewed by E. Fuchs

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