TH1 vs. TH2 Redux

David Peritt Peritt_d at
Tue Aug 1 16:15:15 EST 1995

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>Are you saying that you don't believe in a Th0 response that can be
>swayed one way or the other depending upon the fine specificity of
>the antigen presented by MHC class II? 

Th0 is the term used for cells making both sets of LKs.  It is often
missused as the name for the Thp cell which has yet to see Ag.  Thp cells
can be swayed.  A committed T cell is fixed.  Th0 is also fixed.  Anne
O'garra presented a thought that the data previously showing swaying or
changing of a phenotype were investigators using not fully differentiated
cells or polyclonal populations with some naive cells still present.  

>Are you familiar with Vipin Kumar's (UCLA) work with MBP ac1-9-specific
>mouse clones? When lys4 -> met4, th1 *pheontype* -> th2?

The issue of altered peptide is interesting.  There is alternative
signalling for certain Lks and therefore you get different LK patterns. 
But at the meeting it seems most of the Th1 LKs are linked.  Only IL4 can
be seperated from porliferation in TH2 cells.  This may be critically
important for the original signal generating the different phenotypes. 
this may go along with the high vs low affinity story.  

>My other comment is that I am surprised to hear that most mouse
>people work at the polyclonal/bulk level. How would you test 
>in vitro clonal anergy  and in vitro clonal deletion apoptosis
>at polyclonal levels?

I was referring to the majority of data presented at the meeting dealing
with Th1 vs Th2 differentiation where bulk popns of mouse cells treated
with IL12 anti 4 or IL4 anti 12.  You are correct in that anergy studies
have been done frequently with mouse clones or lines.  

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