Plasma to serum protocols?

dr. jack komisar dr._jack_komisar at WRSMTP-CCMAIL.ARMY.MIL
Wed Aug 2 06:17:16 EST 1995

          Here is an old procedure from a book called Applied Blood
          Group Serology by Peter D. Issitt and Charla H. Issitt.  It
          is for plasma taken from blood that was prevented from
          clotting by chelating calcium (such as with citrate).

          1. For each 100 ml of plasma, add 1 ml of 1 M solution of
          calcium chloride.
          2. Stand at room temperature in a wide-necked vessel.
          3. If the entire contents of the vessel do not form a
          gel-like fibrin clot within 30 minutes, add ann additional 1
          ml of calcium chloride per 100 ml of plasma.
          4. Once fibrin clot has formed, cover beaker.
          5. Stand at room temperature 4-6 hours.
          6. Leave overnight at 4 degrees C.
          7. Pipette off serum from retracted fibrin clot into
          centrifuge tubes.
          8. Squeeze fibrin clot to express more serum.

                                                Jack Komisar

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