TH1 vs. TH2 Redux

David Peritt Peritt_d at
Wed Aug 2 10:09:42 EST 1995

In article <M_Doherty-0108951743450001 at> M. Doherty,
M_Doherty at writes:
>I had the talks at the conference in mind, when I wrote my comments, but
>OTOH, I am not yet ready to dismiss reports such as the ones from Jan de
>Vries' group or Serigio Romagnani's group, suggesting that even (human)
>clones can be at least temporarily altered in the cytokine profile. 
>was also some discussion at the meeting about inhibition of IFN-g
>secretion from Th1 (mouse) clones.  Sorry, cant remember whose work.

You are absolutely correct.  Although we see fixed clonal phenotypes in
human clones.  We can temporarily increase IFNg with IL12 for instance. 
But upon IL12 removal they return to previous LK profile.  I remember the
discussion of IFNg inhibition, but have not thought about this issue
enough to comment.  My comment was directed at the ability to permanenty
change a phenotype which I think can not be done.

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