Looking for and in need of equipment

Halewicz halewicz at aol.com
Wed Aug 2 21:29:33 EST 1995

I am presently an undergraduate chemistry and biology major at a small,
eastern, liberal arts college with a growing biochemistry department.  I
am working very closely with faculty and administration in order to expand
the program to meet the demand expressed by the students.  I have
conducted research to an extent at school, however we do not have the
appropriate equipment for my research, as well as for other students to
dive into research.  I am working on developing various protocols for
ELISA, and with this the school requires an immuno-plate washer and UV
immuno-plate reader.  If anyone has information on getting average
equipment at a relatively low cost (i.e. used equipment or individuals or
organizations willing to donate equipment), please write as soon as
possible (halewicz at aol.com).  THANKS!!

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