Infectious Alport's mimic

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Thu Aug 3 06:57:37 EST 1995

I am a patient with a form of a nephritic condition 
which resembles both Alports syndrome as well as infectious GN 
on electron microscopy. 
I have no family history of Alport's (and will soon undergo a 
genetic marker test) . 
I have recently had a partially succesful response to CIPRO 
(in that it reduced my proteinuria) , but have never tested positive 
for bacterial infection (gram neg or pos).  

My question is this:
Is there a bacterial agent known to (i) only attack Collagen Type  IV 
(I have both kidney and assymetrical ear involvement), or 
(ii)cause an immune response attacking such Collagen, or
 (iii) attack other forms of collagen, 
which bacterial agent may not be readily identifible? 

Identification here is the key. 

I have completed extenisve testing without evidence of infection.
I believe that there is a bacteria within me which has not yet been identified
 and which harbors itself in the prostate. 
I say this because of numerous recurrent symptoms of prostate 
infection (again without any confirmation of infection by lab testing).  
I also saw an almost immediate cessation in proteinuria (by urine bubbles, 
not by lab test unfortunately) which began 48 hours after taking 
the CIPRO as well as a cessation of the symptoms which would go 
along with prostate infection. Within 96 hours of beginning the CIPRO treatment 
the proteinuria returned as well as the pain on urination which 
would be associated with a prostate problem. The latter symptoms 
have since abated. 

I am taking an active role in my treatment as well as 
researching its cause. Your help would be gretly appreciated.

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