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>I am not used to using my e-mail system so this message may be 
>duplicated..sorry to all...
>A number of us with MS are wondering why immunologists have not become 
>involved in MS research since it is usually characterized as an autoimmune 
>All responses will be appreciated.

There is actually a great deal of work being done on MS by immunologists.
Perhaps the confusion is due to the fact that they tend to work on the
mouse model, EAE (experimental allergic encephalomyelitis).  Recent advances
have included progress on oral tolerance (Higgins and Weiner, J. Immunology,
1988), T cell vaccines (Zhang et al., Science, 1993) and peptide inhibitors
(Kuchroo et al., J. Immunology, 1994).  In fact, the oral tolerance studies
have already led to human trials.

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