Fish ID

Mike Yamamoto Mike at
Wed Aug 9 19:41:23 EST 1995

   Would it be possible to develop an immunological test to identify goby
(fish) larvae. As an aquatic biologist with the Hawaii Division of Aquatic
Resources, I've been conducting stock assessments of Hawaii's freshwater
streams. After hatching in freshwater, our five native freshwater gobies
spend their next three months in the sea before migrating back to
freshwater. To assess the biologic potential of our streams, in terms of
goby larval production, we would like to be able to identify goby larvae
as they are being flushed out to sea. At this stage, however, the larvae
are undifferentiated and very difficult to identify based on morphological
characteristics. Would it be possible to attach a dye marker to goby
anti-bodies, which would then selectively bind to the species of interest?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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