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Ralph M Bernstein ralph at
Wed Aug 9 22:34:21 EST 1995

Hello all,
    after attending the 9th intl congrs of immunology this july, 
i heard a few interesting talks on the pre-t cell receptor complex.
the most pertinent (of course) was by von boehmer, who summed up in his
symposium his lab's previous research and then showed that they had cloned
the human v-pre-t c-region, (pT-alpha-the  equivalent of the mouse gene that
they already have) and that they have made ko's of.  
    interestingly, the extracellular region shared around 80% homology with 
the mouse gene, while the putative signalling (intracellular) region shared
almost 0%.  while he didnt remark on it, i would guess that the residues in
the mouse pT-a that are sh2 homology domains and the cd2 homology region are
gone as well  ( simply becasue he DIDNT remark about it).
    i wonder if any of the signal transduction proficient immunologists out
there would care to give this one a go: if this molecule serves the same
absolutely critical role in the human system as in the mouse, how does this
surrogate alpha chain /TCR beta chain complex send a signal? also, would
you- simply because of the remarked resemblance of the mouse pTa to a grb
binding or cd2 like activating molecule-predict that the human pTa-because
of its lack thereof- didnt serve the same purpose?

    hope to stimulate some discussion out there, or at least something other
than, "where can i find..." (want to find these papers? 1.)(cloning of pTa)
science, van groettrup, et al and 2.)(ko of pTa) nature, sant ruf et al-all
also co authored by von boehmer)

regards, ralph

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