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Joseph W. Roberts jwr9311 at
Sun Aug 13 14:11:14 EST 1995

My wife is the supervisor of a histocompatability and immunogenetics lab
and I have offered to do a CE project for her lab about using the net.  I
have found a few resources that deal with immunology or pathology but I
know there has to be much more available (several usenet groups and two
mailing lists although I don't have subscription info on these (medlab-l
and patho-l).  I would appreciate it if anyone could e-mail me information
about mailing lists, gophers, ftp sites, and web sites that deal with any
aspect of medical laboratory science and specifically immunology,
immunogenetics, transplantation or histocompatability.  Being a political
scientist I am not very well versed in these fields so please feel free to
send information even if it is not something I have specifically
mentioned. Because I am not a regular reader of these groups please 
respond by email to the address below.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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