'white' blastocysts

Jon Sedgwick J.Sedgwick at centenary.usyd.edu.au
Mon Aug 14 17:57:43 EST 1995


we have generated a number of homologous recombinant ES cells using two
different C57BL/6 ES cell lines. The blastocysts preferably need to be
from a white inbred strain and the usual one used is the BALB/c and we are
continuing to use these. However, these are problematic due to low
blastocyst numbers requiring a very large colony to yield sufficient
blastocysts for microinjection 3 times per week. We are thinking of trying
some alternative strains. Has anyone experience in this context with other
white inbreds, SJL in particular. Can they be superovulated and if so, are
the blastocysts OK (ie, not fragile)?

I would appreciate any info.


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