Ag presentation

Alec Redwood aredwood at
Mon Aug 14 23:05:49 EST 1995

A few questions

Do macrophages present Ag to naive T-cells, do macrophages need to be 
activated first (ie increased class II) if so are they activated by 
interferon-gamma first from activated T-cells.  Therefore would this 
indicate macrophages do not present Ag to naive T-cells and that this is 
really the province of DC's.  Is there any data an the role of DC's, 
B-cells and macrophages in vivo on the activation of naive and or 
activated T-cells.  Do macrophages and other APC that present Ag to 
activated T-cells get killed by them, such as would occur to a viraly 
infected cell (eg CD8+ cells).

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