help:need info. on covalent linkage of enz & antibody

Nathan O. Siemers nathan at
Wed Aug 16 10:03:40 EST 1995

If you are intersted in therapeutic applications, take a look at:

Svensson, H. P., Wallace, P. M. & Senter, P. D. (1994) Bioconjugate
Chem. 5, 262-267.

Svensson, H. P., Kadow, J. F., Vrudhula, V. M., Wallace, P. M. &
Senter, P. (1992) Bioconjugate Chem. 3, 176-181.

and the references therein


>>> On Sat, 12 Aug 1995 19:29:46 EDT, kameswar ellajosyula <KXE5 at> said:

kameswar> I need info. on linking an enzyme covalently to an antibody.
kameswar> Who would be the authority in this field?  Are there any
kameswar> faculty in the North East US who are currently working in
kameswar> this ar ea? Any info. will be appreciated.  Thanks
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