bone-marrow transplants

I. MŸller muller.4 at
Fri Aug 18 16:45:47 EST 1995

To all,

I have a few questions concerning a bone-marrow transplantation:

1. Is there a way to increase specifically the lymphocyte counts in
recipients of bone-marrow transplants?

2. The person in question received a bone marrow transplantation and IL3.
What is the precise role of IL3? Is it correct that IL3 acts very early on
the level of the pluripotent stem cell and therefore has an influence on
both, the lymphoid and the myeloid progenitor?

3. Is it known what determines the committment of an uncomitted stem cell
into a myeloid or a lympoid progenitor?

4. What are possible reasons for the low lymphocyte counts in this patient?

It would be a great help to get answers to these questions and thanks in
advance to all of you that will send me an answer.


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