help:need info. on covalent linkage of enz & antibody

Denis Snider sniderd at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA
Thu Aug 17 22:03:40 EST 1995


On Sat, 12 Aug 1995, kameswar ellajosyula wrote:

> I need info. on linking an enzyme covalently to an antibody.
> Who would be the authority in this field?
> Are there any faculty in the North East US who are currently working in this ar
> ea? Any info. will be appreciated.
> Thanks

	Most enzymes can be covalently attached to antibodies using
heterobifunctional crosslinking reagents such as SPDP or SMBP, utilizing
disulphide or thioether bonds.  Almost all of these reagents can be
obtained from Pierce.  We have used these for antibody-antibody
conjugates as well as antibody-antigen or antibody-enzyme linkages.  The
trick is always to minimally substitute the enzyme and antibody to
provide maximum dimeric conjugates without disrupting the enzyme or
antibody activity.  I just published a chapter on such techniques.  Send
me your (street) address and I'll mail you a photocopy.  Sorry text
(hyper or otherwise) is not available for internet passage  :-)

        Dr. Denis Snider
        McMaster University

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