Anti HLA-B18

luscher luscher at
Tue Aug 22 09:42:04 EST 1995

     I am urgently seeking an anti HLA-B18 monoclonal antibody.  I need 
this reagent to precipitate large quantities of HLA-B18 from cell 
lysates that also contain HLA-A2, HLA-B70, HLA-C, and class II 
molecules. In other words, I can use antibodies with cross-reactivities 
that do not include class II, A2, B70, and C.  Because I would like to 
use Protein-A-matrix in the precipitation, an IgG2 would be preferred, 
but I would like to know about any other subclasses which might be 
available. I have tried anti-B18 serum for this precipitation without 
success, therefore I now need to find an appropriate monoclonal.

     Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Mark Luscher
Dept. Immunology
University of Toronto

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