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>Despite several successes in the past 10 years I am encuntering problems
>raising high-titer and high-affinity abs in rabbits using fusion 
proteins from
>E. coli. We have immunized 100ug of protein in CFA followed by 100ug in 
IFA and
>100ug in PBS in three week intervals. Injections have been subscapula. 
>scheme generally gives us high titer sera. Knowing that rabbit 
>generation is somewhat of a black box, I am stuck.
>I would appreciate some suggestions on boosting to up the titer.
>Thanks in advance,

CFA is often adaquate, but several adjuvants, generally much better, are 
available on the market.   Species effects vary as does sucess with 
specific antigen, you may need to evaluate them in rabbits for your 
protein. RIBI has one, I have seen others but I forget the sources.
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