Source for CTLA4-Ig?

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Thu Aug 24 09:42:04 EST 1995

>>> On Thu, 24 Aug 1995 01:30:00 GMT, sferguso at (Stacy Ferguson) said:

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>> Anyone know of a source of CTLA4-Ig?  Is the vector for its
>> expression available?

Stacy> Contact Peter Linsley for information on getting hold of it.
Stacy> No, the vector is not available (one of those lovely patent
Stacy> things).

The address for contact is in my sig, and the general phone # is
206-728-4800. Collaborations are rampant at bmspri, so if you have a
novel use for ctla4ig, it might be accesable to you. Note that I do
*not* speak for Peter Linsley...


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