M.D. seeks other M.D.s RE: sarcoma patient/essiac

name Lynn.Thomas at UIC.EDU
Fri Aug 25 12:18:50 EST 1995

I would appreciate hearing from any with similar cases.  my case is:
37 year old male with past history of 5 cm epithelioid sarcoma of left wrist, 
resected in 1990 and given 1 cycle of chemotherapy (MAID: Mesna, Adriamycin, 
Ifosfamide, DTIC) in 1990, now presents with a solitary 9 cm recurrence in the 
right lung, biopsy proven to be the same pathology of ephithelioid sarcoma.  
He will be receiving chemotherapy, 3 cycles and possibly 6 cycles of Mesna, 
Adriamycin, and Ifosfamide.  The current solitary lung metastasis extends very 
centrally and invades the bronchus intermedius and is very closely applied to 
the right pulmonary artery and left atrium

Also: the patient is very interested in alternative treatments in conjunction 
with chemo. Has anyone had experience with this?  I have heard about Essiac 
tea as an antioxidant.  When should patient take this?   

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