Immunoassay for IL-7, are there mAb's against murine IL-7??

Randall H. Friedline friedr at
Thu Aug 24 13:21:55 EST 1995

I am *thinking* about developing an immunoassay for murine 
IL-7/rIL-7, as there are none currently available (yes, I've checked 
with numerous companies).
  What I am looking for are monoclonal antibodies to murine IL-7.  I 
am aware that companies have polyclonal neutralizing anti murine 
IL-7.  I am also aware of the mAb M25, developed by Grabstein, et al 
(JEM 178:267, 1993) at Immunex.  I may attempt to use these two (the 
monoclonal and polyclonal) to quantify IL-7 in vitro.  However, I 
would like for there to exist other mAb's to murine IL-7 (hey, I can 
at least wish...).
  My question: is anyone aware of the existence of other mAb's to 
murine IL-7???  Thanks for reading...



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