Looking for peptide-immunization protcol to elicit CD4 CTLs

James Drummond drummond at ncifcrf.gov
Tue Aug 22 11:07:28 EST 1995

In article <zcn-0808951553120001 at pokey.ahabs.wisc.edu> zcn at ahabs.wisc.edu (zcn) writes:
>I'm currently involved on a project attempting to elicit CD4 CTLs in
>BALB/c specific to epitope-possessing synthetic peptides.  To date we have
>immunized mice by i.p. injection of peptide/CFA followed by 2 additional
>injections of peptide/IFA.  Injections were approx. 1 wk. apart. 
>Secondly, we tried immunizing by i.v. injections of peptide/PBS.  Again,
>we used a total of 3 injections approx. 1 wk. apart.  Both protocols used
>peptide at 100ug/injection.  These attempts appear unsuccessful.
>Would appreciate any information to head us in the right direction.
>Zane Neal
>Univ. Wisc.-Madison
>Dept. of Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences 
>zcn at ahabs.wisc.edu

Try giving the peptide in sub-cutaneous injections.  Give the first in Complete Freunds and subsequent ones in Incomplete Freunds.  Off the top of my head I would u
use the peptide at about 100 ug/ml and inject up to 50 ul.

good luck.

James Drummond
Drummond at avpvx1.ncifcrf.gov

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