gammaglobulin and infertility

Joe Dellinger zjad49 at
Sun Aug 27 15:53:20 EST 1995

	My sister's infertility doctor has recommended Immunoglobulin
infusions (Gamimune N 10%) to "sop up antibodies and killer cells which
may attack the implanting placenta and destroy its root system". ("IVIG
consists of 98% Ig, with trace amounts of IgA and IgM.")

	My sister has a biochemistry degree and isn't wholly reassured
that this treatment is really necessary (the standard treatment for
immunological problems blocking implantation, just now coming into
general use, is twice-daily shots of Heparin and oral Aspirin). She is
concerned about the high cost of the infusions and especially about the
risk of picking up a blood-borne disease. (It's a human blood product.) The
manufacturers haven't been very forthcoming on their 1-800 number... she
only gets assurances that it is "completely safe" and "not to worry, we
are experts".

	Can anyone tell me what Immunoglobulin's role in the immune system
is? How many people's blood goes into making one dose? What do they do
to test for and kill any viruses that may be present?

	Apparently immunoglobulin infusions are the main treatment for
some immune-deficiency diseases. Why should the same treatment also be
used on someone whose immune system is TOO active? It's hard to understand
the logic!
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