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>        Can anyone tell me what Immunoglobulin's role in the immune system
>is? How many people's blood goes into making one dose? What do they do
>to test for and kill any viruses that may be present?

hi joe,

depending on the school of thought that you subscribe to, it can do several
things.  i go along with the idea that it puts your anti idiotypic
regulatory networks back into synch.

depending on the company, 1000's of different "sources" (people) are used. 
example, the reds cross uses paid donor "volunteers".  all of their plasma
is processed in batches-mixed together.

viral testing is done, and the most rigerous treatment-to my knowledge- is
the new baxter treatment that was recently fda approved that low conc
detergent treats the ig-to destroy any enveloped (hiv, hep c) viruses.  its
called gamma guard-detergent blend, or something like that.

>        Apparently immunoglobulin infusions are the main treatment for
>some immune-deficiency diseases. Why should the same treatment also be
>used on someone whose immune system is TOO active? It's hard to understand
>the logic!

because the treatment may restore the anti idiotypic network balance.  

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ps, if you had been following the "new immune system theory" discussion a
month or so back, you would probably think that ig infusions work by telling
the body that yourself was a dangerous thing, or something like that....

regards, ralph

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