Christopher Simien simienc at
Tue Aug 29 15:39:40 EST 1995

I am a clincal psychology graduate student conducting a project on
the correlation between psychiatric disorders (specifically depression)
and Type 1 hypersensitivity (allergy).  I already have some data, but up 
to this point I have been assessing allergy by evaluation of medical 
history through interview.  My goal is to be able to assess allergy in the 
lab by use of skin tests or maybe blood tests.  Are there any medical 
specialists in allergy out there who could tell me (1) are skin tests easy 
enough that a person like myself could conduct such tests without medical 
training or do I need to contract with someone (2)  are skin tests kits 
accurate and what is the price and where can I get them (3) what are the 
alternatives to skin tests?

Please e-mail me with a response and I shall gladly share my findings
with you up to this point.
     simienc at

Chris  Simien

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