gammaglobulin and infertility

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>She is
>concerned about the high cost of the infusions and especially about the
>risk of picking up a blood-borne disease. (It's a human blood product.)

I wouldn't been to worried about this, despite what I said in a
different article. They are very paranoid about blood-borne diseases and
recall products that are even suspected of being tainted.

As for the cost, I am very glad I am on a HMO and it costs me $10 for a
3 month supply (50 grams).

>manufacturers haven't been very forthcoming on their 1-800 number... she
>only gets assurances that it is "completely safe" and "not to worry, we
>are experts".

If I remember correctly, Gamimune is not one I was very happy with. It
seemed to be the bottom of the barrel since it's what my HMO tried to
pass off on me the first time around. It also only came in no larger
than 2.5 gram containers, or that is all Caremark carried. For 25 grams,
that is rather annoying!



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