gammaglobulin and infertility

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>viral testing is done, and the most rigerous treatment-to my knowledge- is
>the new baxter treatment that was recently fda approved that low conc
>detergent treats the ig-to destroy any enveloped (hiv, hep c) viruses.  its
>called gamma guard-detergent blend, or something like that.

Hmmm. Just a few notes as a patient that receives these treatments.

1) There was a some what recent (just over a year ago) scare of
Hepatitis C (?) being spread through one of the brands of gammaglobulin.
(for the likes of me I can't remember.) I was one of the unfortunate
receivers of one of the "tainted" batches, but luckily have not shown
positive in the tests. (They did tests immediately and 2 others 6 months

2) The detergent version of gammaglobulin may damage blood vessels. Of
course your mileage may very, but I didn't have a single problem until
starting to use bleached gammaglobulin about 2 1/2 years ago. After
getting onto a brand that uses less detergents, or atleast milder, my
blood vessels have stopped bruising when receiving my treatment.

Note, I am not an authority, just a stinking user. *smile*


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