Gulf Was Syndrome and Mycoplasma

James Kennedy jrken at
Thu Aug 31 21:15:48 EST 1995

It is gratifying that an etiology for Gulf War Syndrome may well have
been found and that there may be an effective treatment via
tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics.  It would seem unlikely though,
that a mycoplasma such as this would be used in bacteriological
warfare.  Induction of a long incubation period chronic disease  would
seem a poor battlefield strategy. 

It seems more likely that a complex of environmental circumstances may
have been  responsible.  Perhaps this particular mycoplasma was endemic
in the area and the sudden influx of large numbers of  non-immune and
circumstantially stressed  military personnel  presented an ideal host
for this pathogen.  

Hopefully, the treatment modality will shortly appear in the medical
literature so that it may be more widely used and evaluated.  So far I
have only seen it on the NET.  Fortunately, the treatment is safe and I
hope that it lives up to its promise.

J.R. Kennedy 

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