Study results in on new immunomodulator

Shahram Mori smori at
Mon Aug 28 23:42:06 EST 1995

Merry Stewart (intermed at wrote:

: A new immunomodulator has just finished a one year study
: with 192 HIV + patients. Of particular note concerning the
: study results were:
: "The application of Factor-R substantially influenced CD8
: cells. The main effect was noted in subjects of Group I
: (CD4 < 200) - individual values of CD8 increased or
: remained stable in 55.6% and 73% of the subjects after
: therapy for three and six months respectively."

I thought that the levels of CD8's doesn't really change in HIV patients. 
Its' their lack of response ("anergy to the disease) that ia the problem.
I don't think by simply increasing the number of cells, it really means 
anything. Can they show activity with these cells??\

ANybody out there wanna start a debate/discussion on the function of 
CD-8's in HIV infection? Why do you think they remain unresponsive? This 
could be an entertaining talk.
Please post, so we can have a healthy exchange of ideas,
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