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> I NEED HELP OR ANY ADVICE...... It seems to be a puzzle that my doctors are not 
> able to solve at this time.
> from Mark
> I am computer scientist capable of solving all sorts of problems. However to 
> solve my most important problem, I feel completely helpless. Enough said..
> My doctors have diagnosed me few years(3 1/2) ago with Crohns disease. For most 
> of the time disease stayed in terminal ileum part of small intestine. This has 
> been confirmed by bunch of medical tests and endoscopies. The symptoms that I 
> used to have was loose bowel movements twice a week. A day before a major flare 
> up, I used to feel exhausted,no energy or vigor. I also had difficulty 
> breathing at times. I never had a bloody diarrhea.

May be it helps:

Subject: Testimonial #3 Intestinals

From:Ward Hammond

Life Plus products have changed my life. I have suffered
with Crohn's disease since 1980.  I've been in the hospital
4 or 5 times, and on and off medication. Three years ago I
had a brain abcess (a possible side affect of Crohn's) but I
lived. Last year I finally had to have surgery on my small
intestine. The operation was successful but no matter what I
did the diarrhea wouldn't stop. My doctor said my colon just
had to adjust. No help. Then I heard about Pycnogenol. I
listened to a tape and it mentioned that Pycnogenol was good
for gastroenterological disorders like Crohn's, so I HAD
to try it. At the time I placed my order they recommended
L-Salivarius as well. Two days after taking the supplements
the diarrhea was gone and I started having normal bowel
movements once a day. You can't imagine what a God send this
was untill you have gone through months and months of pain
and running to the bathroom. Well I was sold on the products
and have been taking them for months, but I didn't know how
to market them! Until I joined the Kempf group. My upline,
has been working hard to support me with information,
encouragement, guidance, email follow-ups, and phone calls.
In just a few days I signed up my first distributor and have
several dozen likely prospects... after only one week! I
can't say enough about the company, the products, my upline,
the products, the compensation plan, the products, the ease
of sponsoring... did I mention the products. I would order
and take Life Plus products even if they cost 5 times as
much and I didn't make a dime. That's how good they are.

The money is just a bonus because without your health, money
means nothing.

I recommend the Synergy Pack, Info Pack and a bottle of
L-Salivarius. You can thank me later.
 -=- Ward Hammond -=-

"Suggested Nutritional Guide" recommends:
Somazyme, Proanthenols, Protx II

For more info see:

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