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> Is there a web site for autoimmunity?
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As an additional step towards promoting awareness and discussion of
autoimmune conditions, we are pleased to announce a new web page called:

Autoimmunity Research Resources

he url is:


The page is intended to be a companion to the moderated
autoimmune_research distribution list (contact michaelw at ksg1.harvard.edu
for information.  The site will archive postings to the discussion list
and already provides a wealth of links to web resources about autoimmunity
and autoimmune conditions.  At present we have included links to resources
on generalimmunology, online journals, research centers, and
pharmaceutical companies, and as well as specific resources on diabetes,
multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's
syndrome and ankylosing spondylitis, and scleroderma.  The complete
listing of the web page is given in this message below.

Listing of Web Page Autoimmunity Research Resources

Index of Resources

    1. General Information 
               Mission Statement 
               Submitting Material 
               Call for Participation 
    2. Searchable Moderated Mailing List Archive 
               Keyword Search the Entire Archive  
               Send a Submission to the Archive Maintainer for Review.
              See the moderator policy for details on selectivity... 
               Browse the Archive 
                     Abstracts of published articles  
                     Research in progress  
                     Summaries of new developments  
                     News accounts of new treatments  
    3. Selected Links to Other Sites 
               General Resources on Immunology 
               Journals on Immunology and Related Topics 
               Immunology Laboratories and Research Centers 
               Pharmaceutical Companies 
               Diabetes Resources
               Lupus Resources 
               Multiple Sclerosis Resources 
               Psoriasis Resources 
               Reiter's Syndrome and Ankylosing Spondilitis Resources 
               Rheumatoid Arthritis Resources 
               Scleroderma Resources

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