Anti-glia antibody

Dr. Ulrich Schroeder Ulrich.Schroeder at ifn-magdeburg.de
Tue Dec 5 20:08:20 EST 1995

I am looking for an antibody that binds to a structure on the extracellular 
side of the plasma membrane.It must not bind to neurons since I would 
like to use it to discriminate between neurons and glial cells in an 
organotypic preparation. Does anybody know something about such an 
antibody? Does anybody have such an antibody? Does anybody know a 
supplier for such an antibody? Does anybody know somebody who could be 
able to help me? Since it might be necessary for me to proceed 
culturing the material after staining I can't use antibodies against 
intracellular structures. I would appreciate helpful comments, advices 
and suggestions regarding this topic. You may respond directly or send 
me an e-mail. Many thanks in advance.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful Happy New Year

Best regards

Dr. Ulrich Schroeder
BL-Institut fuer Neurobiologie
Dept. of Neurophysiology
PO.Box 1860
39008 Magdeburg
e-mail: schroede at jupiter.ifn-magdeburg.de

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