rmGM-CSF dose to induce a signifikant leucocytosis

Jan-Hendrik.Guenther at ON-Luebeck.DE Jan-Hendrik.Guenther at ON-Luebeck.DE
Wed Dec 6 02:34:11 EST 1995

Hi all !

Is there anyone, who has experience with recombinant murine GM-CSF
(granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor ) ? I need 
information which dose of GM-CSF is required to induce a significant
increase (1.5-2 fold) in peripheral blood leukocytes after subcutaneous injection 
of rmGM-CSF to mice .  I want to know, how many units of rmGM-CSF per g 
bodyweight I have to inject. If theres is anyone who can help me or 
knows suitable literature concerning my problem  please send me
an email to my private address.

Bye, Jan-H. Guenther 
Jan-H. Guenther          email : guennie at on-luebeck.de
Stumpfer Weg 34
23568 Luebeck
Jan-Hendrik Guenther      email: guennie at on-luebeck.de
Stumpfer Weg 34           Tel.:  0451/692299
23568 Luebeck

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