IA of k restriced, hybrids

William F. Wade William.F.Wade at dartmouth.edu
Wed Dec 6 09:40:30 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,

I have recently generated a panel of mutants in the contact amino acids
of the class II, dimer of dimer (as reported by Dr. Wiley's group). 
There are some interesting effects on expression which would not be
predicted.  We are starting to functionally characterize the mutant
class II.  It seems some don't present Ag well, the reason for the
defect has not been demonstrated.  I have a limited set  of
k-restricted clones but would like to make a study of a larger panel. 
It would be best if the panel included auto, allo and antigen specific
hybrids or clones.  I remember hearing, via the NET, from a fellow in
CA that had some OVA restriced hybrids. (If you read this please
contact me).

Anyway if those of you who read this have some clones you wish to
contribute or that you think would be useful, would you please email me
so we can discuss the use of the clones.   I would view this as a
collaborative effort.  Thanks for your help and attention in this

William F. Wade, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dartmouth Medical School

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