Autistic Child's Immuniological Lab Results

Kimberla Kae Baertlein kimberla at teleport.com
Wed Dec 6 22:17:51 EST 1995

I had some extensive lab workup on my on who is severly aflicted by his
autism.  I am going to list all his recent lab results and any comments
or addtional input would be greatly appreciated.  Here goes:


Test          Result        Reference Range

IgM           71.5          (0.0-0.0)
IgA           210           (33-200)
IgE           162.7         (0.0-50.0)

T-Lymphocyte Mitogen Proliferation Anaylsis

PHA% Index    100           Greater than 70%   What is PHA?
CON A% Index  83            "              "   What is CON?
PWM% Index    84            "              "   What is PWM?

Lymphocyte Antigen Proliferation Anaylisis

Candidia Stimulation Index  1.0          > or = 3.0
Tetanus Stimualtion Index   5.4          > or = 3.0
PPD Stimulation Index       0.6          > or = 3.0  What is PPD?

T Lymphocytes
% CD3 (Mature T Cells)      76           55-85%

B Lymphocytes
% CD19 (Earliest B Cell)    15           5-25%

Pediatric Lymphocyte Enumeration Reference Ranges

Total WBC Count            6000-17500/CMM
Total Lymphs (%of WBC)     50-70%
Total Lymphocyte Count     3000-12250/CMM

% CD3 (Mature T-Cells)     57-85%
Absolute CD3               2040-6000/CMM

T-Lymphocyye Subsets
%CD4 (Helper/Induver)      34-57%
Absolute CD4               1300-4100/CMM
%CD8 (Cytotoxic/Supressor) 18-42%
Absolute CD8               750-2600/CMM
CD4/CD8 Ratio              1.1-3.5
%CD19                      19-26%
Absolute CD19              610-1830

Any help with these lab results would be appreciated.  Please reply to
this post either by list or private...Whateever you choose.  My email
address is listed below.  Thank you for your time.

Kim - Oregon
<kimberla at teleport.com>

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