Please Help: Strange Fibrosis

Vittorio Dell'Aiuto MC3520 at mclink.it
Thu Dec 7 15:26:41 EST 1995

We badly need any help to solve a case of gastroentherologic disease
apparently caused by fibrosis.


The patient, aged 59, has been subjected on 18 May 1995 to a total
gastrectomy for a neoplasia of the posterior wall of the body-stomach base.
During operation, wide dense whitish deposits were observed surrounding
all the supramesocolic organs.

Histological examinations of samples of such deposits showed that it was
connective tissue with modest phlogistic lymphomononucleate infiltrate free
of neoplastic infiltration.

Discharged on the 14th day, the patient had a normal digestive function
for about 50 days, and then dyspeptic symptoms appeared with post-prandial
vomiting of food and weight loss

The patient was therefore operated again on 9 September 1995, and again
the same connective-fibrous accumulations, prevalently supramesocolic, were
found (repeated intraoperative histological examinations exclude return of
the cancer).

The Roux loop was liberated as far as possible of the thick fibrous
tissues that were compressing it and a jejuno-jejunal antecolic by pass was
The post-operatory history was marked by high and persistent fevers.
Discharged on 14 October 1995, the patient showed fair digestive function
with weight recovery for about 45 days. Subsequently the dyspeptic symptoms
appeared again worsening to the point that presently the patient is again
hospitalised because of the complete regurgitation of any food ingested and
in any case of the bile produced.

He is presently fed with parentheral nutrition (1600 Cal/day) and is
affected by regurgitation and moderate fevers. His height is 160 cm and
current weight 43 kg.


- Comments nad suggestions helpful to more exactly determine the type of
disease and possibly the relevant therapeutical approaches;

- Information about Hospitals/Research Centers specialized in the case of
the above described syndrome.

Grateful for any information you can provide to the address shown below, I
thank you for the attention to this case. A complete clinical report is
available if needed.

Vittorio Dell'Aiuto
vittorio at mclink.it

(Please reply directly to my e-mail address, because I can't read
regularly the newsgroup)

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