DMSO and sports injuries

Naomi Marcus 76643.1664 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Dec 9 23:02:07 EST 1995

I would like some information on DMSO and sports injuries, 
particularly to connective tissue.  A friend of mine who is into 
holistic medicines and considers conventional medicine to be 
an evil capitalist conspiracy recommended DMSO to another friend 
whose knee becomes swollen when she runs.  I have heard nothing 
good about DMSO in the last 20 or so years, but I don't remember 
any specifics.  A computer search of, say, MEDLINE would yield 
so many articles that I wouldn't know where to begin.  Can anyone 
suggest some good review articles that describe the effects of 
DMSO and why use of DMSO as a medicine is discouraged?  I looked 
up DMSO and dimethylsulfoxide in Goodman and Gilman and found 
Thanks a lot.




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